Fairy tale art


On Saturday it was cold and grey out and my daughters wanted to stay in a play and relax until it was time to go out to the fireworks display with their grandparents. While I was looking for something else I came across a second-hand copy of the Usborne Fairy tale things to make and do. I had picked it up in a charity shop for 50p ages ago but had never had the chance to get it out to look at with the children. I handed it over to my elder daughter and soon she was well away. It is full of easy art ideas that children can do or adapt as they wish.


My daughter made a fairytale castle collage with tissue paper and a princess lying in her bed of mattresses atop the single pea. After a while my other daughter drifted over and had soon designed a bedroom for Cinderella’s step-sister (only in her version the step-sister isn’t a ‘baddie’, apparently) and drawn a picture of a prince and princess. While I tend to cringe away from the pink-obsessed princess-as-career Disney stuff, I love fairy tales and this book was a perfect thing with which to while away a November afternoon.




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