Friday children’s book round up


This week has mostly been a week for re-reading some old favourites. My younger daughter has been working her way through Sarah Forbes’ Elspeth Hart trilogy which we first discovered last October in one of our favourite bookshops The Harbour Bookshop in Kingsbridge. The first book, Elspeth Hart and the School for Show-Offs caught my eye because we’d been reading a lot of school stories at home and this looked right up my daughter’s street. It is a mixture of school story, adventure and mystery with a spirited heroine, lots of larger-than-life characters and some revolting villains. She couldn’t wait to read the next two books as they came out (Elspeth Hart and the Perilous Voyage and Elspeth Hart and the Magnificent Rescue) and has revisited them time after time even in the short time she has had them. They are the books she reads if she is feeling under the weather or tired or just wants to enjoy sinking into some comfortable books.

My elder daughter borrowed a stack of The Lady Grace Mysteries from the library and has been enjoying re-reading Intrigue , DeceptionJinx and Feud. They are great historical mysteries featuring a young maid of honour in the court of Queen Elizabeth I. Each book title starts with a different letter of the alphabet up to J so there are lots of different adventures to read. She has also been reading Harlequin Corner by Pamela Brown after I found it in a cupboard; I’d completely forgotten I had it! She has read Brown’s The Swish of the Curtain umpteen times so I was delighted to rediscover my lovely old copy of this fresh book. Crispian, Nicola and Candy are sent to stay with an unfamiliar aunt while their parents holiday in the South of France (apparently there wasn’t enough money for them all to go…!). Their aunt is considered a little non-U because she didn’t marry a man with a profession but rather an older man with a business in London! The snobby Crispian thinks it’s a mercy Aunt Netta doesn’t have a ‘barrow’ and is at first unimpressed with the dinginess of grubby early 1950s London but they soon come to love the theatrical costume shop Netta’s family run and are drawn into a mystery when the beloved shop is threatened with sabotage.




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